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About Us

Mia started working with Sitter4Paws in 2012 as a pet sitter and quickly moved up to managed the LA branch After 3 short years Mia started her own Sitter4Paws franchise in Encino, CA. Mia is excited to meet all her furry friends in the San Fernando Valley!


Mia H.

Mia H.

Owner / Manager

Services & Rates

Here is a quick look of the services we have to offer. Click on Learn more for more information.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
30 Mins.$33
45 Mins.$39
60 Mins.$45
90 Mins.$55
Dog Walking Bundle (30 Mins. Only)**


  • Rush booking (for bookings after 6pm or on the same day): $5
  • Cancelation (after 6pm the day before or on the same day): $5
  • Holidays*: $5/visit - Peak Holidays*: $10/visit


  • Dog Walks Only. No feeding or medication included (treats are fine!)
  • All the walks in the package need to be scheduled and used within a Monday-Sunday calendar week. If not used, there won't be a credit for the future.
  • No rush/cancelation fees apply. You can book/cancel/reschedule the walks with no extra charge, just need to make sure they are used within that calendar week.
  • Cancelations need to be submitted at least 1hr before the beginning of the time frame selected to avoid using the full walk credit.
*Holidays: President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day.
*Peak Holidays: Thanksgiving Weekend (Thursday-Sunday), December 23rd - January 1st.

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