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Meet the Sitter4Paws Silicon Valley Team

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our furry clients the most amazing pet sitting service in the industry.


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Alicia M.

Owner / Manager
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Gaspar M.

Owner / Manager


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Ngan T.

Field Manager


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Asucena C.

San Jose - Santa Clara - Sunnyvale
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Adam N.

Sunnyvale - Santa Clara - San Jose
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Lillian O.

Fremont - Union City - Milpitas
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Christine A.

Palo Alto - Mountain View - Sunnyvale
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Grecia M.

Los Altos - San Jose - Milpitas
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Laken B.

Mountain View - Santa Clara - San Jose
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Sonja H.

Newark - Fremont - Redwood City

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