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Meet the Sitter4Paws LA/Pasadena Team

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our furry clients the most amazing pet sitting service in the industry.


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Alexandra A.

Owner / Manager


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Mollie H.



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Michelle M.

Koreatown - Larchmont - Mid City
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Rachael L.

Eagle Rock - Highland Park - DTLA
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Ryan B.

Pasadena - South Pasadena - Higland Park
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Lizbeth M.

Highland Park - Pasadena - South Pasadena
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Morgan M.

Hollywood - West Hollywood
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Katelyn R.

Loz Feliz - Silver Lake - Hollywood
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Melissa W.

Burnbank - Glendale
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Nick V.

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Danielle G.

Altadena - Pasadena - S. Pasadena
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Dana S.

Holywood - Los Feliz - Silver Lake
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Kevin M.

Pasadena - S. Pasadena - Alhambra

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